Beauty enhancement Tips / Style Advise for Puja


Beauty enhancement Tips / Style Advise specially for Puja and Diwali: Now that we are heading towards our biggest festival Durga puja, everyone has a planning to look better in these seasons. All wants to Adapt a look of Aspiring Ranveer for gorgeous Deepika  or our  lovely Jaquleen  and Alia  or may be wants to make her or his own identity during these four days in between all the contests that keeps them busy to become someone from no one.

So to go ahead with this one needs to follow certain things which can enhance their beauty to a different level during not only these four days but for always to become an icon of own. To start off we need to 1st believe that we are the God’s best creation; we all are beautiful in our own ways.

Hair Care for both Male and Female: Try to keep your hair clean by shampoo it with every alternative day followed by good conditioner and putting Good hair Serum that are easily available in the market now a days.

Tips: In case of Dry/damaged hair Please use hot Oil therapy before washing your hair.

Hair Spa once a month is advised to get the desirable lustrous bounce and shine.


Hair Style :  Now that we are already into an era of experimenting ourselves. Colouring and Highlighting will give you an extra edge always. This time, little tone down and warm colour are in, in contrast to golden and copper and other flashy colours.


Men can go for  Crew Cut / long locks in the front and deep razor in the side . Properly trimmed beared are in with Curly locks, even French cuts looks perfect if u can pull it off. But nothing can beat Crew cut with clean shaved look.

Female:  If You are going for  a short hair go  for a bonnie cut dear that goes fab both with ethnic or western.  Salons are available now a days to give u a haircut that suits Your face and jaw line but before that always keep that  in mind the cut which u are going to get in the salon is going to vanish after a wash at home. At home u can’t have that salon look. So always go for a cut that is easy to manage and a low maintenance hair cut that can be managed by your own or get a proper induction from the hair stylist how to maintain the salon look.

Tips: Proper stylization can be done with Gel and Spray but these can be done with the help of experts or if u already have experimented before. Some time it becomes disaster to look different in total. Loose Curls are in so stay away from that pinned straight hair this season.

Make up : To  put a makeup  u need to have a clean face, so the basic thing is to keep your skin healthy and fresh  by following the steps of cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing.

Cleansing: can be done through face wash/cleansing milk/astringent that suits your skin type.

Scrubbing: because of all these pollution everywhere, nowadays scrubbing is must every alternate day to remove your dead cells. Acne prone skins are advised not to use scrub.

Toner and Moisturizer: After cleansing or scrubbing one must use toner and moisturizer as per their skin type.

Male: It would be wrong if we say Men does not need any make up,download I mean come on buck up guys u all are alpha male. A base always same as your skin tone  is must to coat your skin from all that sunlight followed by translucent powder. If you are not comfortable with base then at least use a concealer lighter than your skin tone to cover the dark circles under your eyes if any. Apply that only on the effected area.

Female: A base always same as your skin tone  is must to coat your skin from all that sunlight followed by translucent powder.If you are not comfortable with base then at least use a concealer lighter than your skin tone  to cover the dark circles under Your eyes if any. Apply that only on the effected area.

Highlight your cheeks with blusher, Blusher can be from peach to Lavender to rosy  that will give a  kissfull look to your cheeks. one must use bronzer to enhance the cheek bone to get that edgy look.

For the eyes use Eye shadow that matches your Dress or the time you are going out Like if you are going out for a full day pandal  hopping try to choose warm shadows and in case you are going for full night you can always look for darker shades or metallic shades. After the Eye shadow one must line the eyes with Kajal / Kohl or eyeliner.  Eyeliner again can be stroked with various   styles. Stroke of Mascara in your Eye lashes will complete the eye makeup .

For lips Don’t forget to line your lips before brushing in your favourite shade to your lips. You can either give a bold look by pouting them with dark matte else make the luscious with nude followed by gloss or dramatized them simply creamy one.

Tips: Avoid putting both eye makeup and lip color in dark shades . Keep your lip colour   and eye makeup in balance .Dress up yourselves with the latest trends in various colours and styles and be the Diva and not the victim. Wear your attitude with your smile. Make it simple and easy to maintain is the mantra Guys….. So go ahead and enjoy with all and make the best memories out of everything you and enjoy each moment.


Keya Debburma

Myself Keya, writing is just one of my hidden hobby that I eventually discover in my long years of working in the Corporate and MNC followed by my own small initiatives. I am a straight hearted life that connect with mostly everyone with smile .Being Inspired and Being Learned is my Mantra of Life to Go ahead Always. I have a full array to share here from stories / write ups/ Beauty Regime to Recipes.

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