Internet is our Temple


Whenever I visit temples, I see people praying to God. Praying for health of family members, praying for financial prosperity and praying for peace in life.

A motivational speaker was delivering a speech in a seminar in front of a large audience. In the middle of the speech, he suddenly took out a hundred dollar bill and asked the audience, who wants hundred dollars? Few hands raised. He waited for a few seconds and again asked, who wants it? Some more hands raised.

While this was happening a little boy slowly went up to the stage, grabbed the hundred dollar bill from the speaker’s hand, put that in his pocket and came down calmly.

The audience got confused about what is going on! Then, after a few moments of silence, the speaker turned to the little boy: “I am very impressed that you didn’t just raise your hand and waited for something to happen to you! You made it happen! You are my hero!”

We all are heroes, we just don’t realize it. We all pray to God and wait for good things to happen to us.

Instead of praying to God for health, we can use internet to learn about what we should eat, what we should not eat, how and how much we should work out, how we should monitor my weight, blood pressure etc.

Instead of praying to God for financial prosperity, we can use internet to learn how to create and follow a monthly budget, where should we invest, where to take loan from and how we should grow our retirement fund.

Instead of praying to God to find peace, we can use internet to read articles and listen to speeches of great thinkers of the world about how to find happiness with what we have and how to live with imperfections.

Because internet is our temple now.

Abhimanyu Gupta

Abhimanyu Gupta lives in Chesterfield, Missouri with his wife Nilanjana & son Anusurya. His profession is software testing and his passion are music and books.

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